In the above chat box. Enter a nick name and click Start.
Multiple chat rooms (#wordpress-ui, #wordpress-core-plugins, #wordpress-dev and #wordpress-themes) will open as tabs.

IRC Logs:



Inline Editing (Front End editing)

UX editing


Accessibility: 21:00 UTC+2 in #wordpress-ui.
Weekly Developer Meeting 21:00 UTC in #wordpress-dev. 

Check out the Features as (core) plugins list and IRC chat times.
(Changes happen on occasion to this list):


WordPress IRC channels

For additional information and channels checks


For WordPress 3.9 trac tickets (reported bugs, feature enhancements etc) are being worked on.
There are many feature enhanced tickets check the full list here:
Next Major Release – WordPress 3.9

Here is the trac list for 3.9 by priority.

Here is a list based on core components

For additional information check Make WordPress Core.


IRC most used commands

By writing a few letters of the name of someone else in the chat room and pressing TAB the rest of the name will be filled in. For instance if you want to write a message/response to a person it is a good idea to begin with writing the name of the person, click TAB and then the message.

/join #channelname
(insert channel name and if you want to join multiple rooms add a (comma), after each name.)
Example: /join #wordpress-ui, #wordpress-dev, #wordpress-themes, #wordpress 

/me is an action message.
Example: /me waves hello
What it looks like:
* PaalJoachim waves hello

Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat.
Example: /msg puddytat Hey tat, how are you?
What it looks like:
->*puddytat* Hey tat, how are you?

OR even easier click the user in the list on the right hand side and select “Message”. This opens a private chat box with the selected user.

Changes your nick name.
Example:  /nick newnickname (limit 9 characters)

For additional commands visit: