Adding a user to a multisite network

Adding a user through the Network Admin area shows a very limited range of options.

Network Admin Add New User to Multi Site in WordPress
Network Admin: Add New User to Multi Site in WordPress.

There are additional options when adding a user through one of the sub sites.

Sub site Multi Site Network Add New User WordPress
Add New User through a sub site in a multi site network in WordPress.

Adding a user through a single / stand alone site gives even more options.

Add a user through a stand alone - single site in WordPress.
Add a user through a stand alone – single site in WordPress.

There are a few WordPress Trac tickets that bring up similar concerns.

There is a Trac ticket that needs to be included before explorations can happen.
REST API: Improve users endpoint in multisite
“REST API users endpoint needs to be improved to support multisite behavior.”

Add New User screen tickets:
Introduce an ‘All Network Users’ view to multisite user list tables.
Include more usermeta fields in the Network Admin’s “Add User” view.
Improve UX on Add New User screen.

A few mockups added to the Improve UX on Add New User screen trac ticket.

Another mockup with a multi select drop down.

Here is a wireframe for adding roles and users to sub sites through the all users screen.

It would be better to have a lookup system. Add user and one begins to write username or e-mail address and a suggestion of existing user shows up or a suggestion would show up to add a new user.


Multisite User Management
Create User With Password Multisite

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