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An overview of the All in One SEO WordPress plugin. The plugin went through a major overhaul in 2021.

I have added articles to show the settings of a few SEO plugins. The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and The SEO Framework plugin. To give an overview of what features each offer.

There is also an All in One SEO premium plugin which contain these premium features.
– Smart Schema
– Redirection Manager
– News Sitemap
– Image SEO
– Advanced support for e-commerce
– SEO for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
– REST API support
– Local SEO
– Link Assistant
– Video Sitemap
– Custom Breadcrumb Templates
– User Access Control
– Social meta for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies

Upon activating All in One SEO the first thing we see is a setup wizard which will take you through the following steps:

  1. Import data from your current plugins.
  2. Which category best describes your website? Adjust the Home Page Title and the Home Page Meta Description.
  3. Additional Site Information. Sets up information for Person or Organization. Add Social profiles.
  4. Which SEO features do you want to enable? Various features you can enable.
  5. Search Appearance. Shows a Google Snippet Preview, choose site under construction or Live Site, etc.
  6. Setup Site Analyzer + Smart Recommendations. (Email address field.)
  7. Enter you AISEO License Key (check if using Pro version).

Exiting the setup a “How to Get Started” video is seen. Closing that one sees the Dashboard.

All in One SEO WordPress plugin Dashboard settings
All in One SEO WordPress plugin Dashboard settings.

I believe as I went through the various settings that suddenly OptinMonster and MonsterInsights was installed and activated on the site. I am not sure how that happened.

An overview of All in One SEO plugin settings.

Notifications, Dashboard, General Settings, Search Appearance, Social Networks, Sitemaps, Link Assistant, Redirects, Local SEO, SEO Analysis, Tools, Feature Manager, About Us and Upgrade to Pro.


Opens up a slide in from right to left sidebar area showing the current notifications. Pretty neat way of handling it.


SEO Setup, SEO Site Score, AIOSEO Overview, New Notifications, Support, Quicklinks and Upgrade to Pro (feature list).

General Settings

General Settings

License Key and Setup Wizard.

Webmaster Tools

Enter verifications codes into Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Pinterest, IndexNow, Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics. + Miscellaneous Verification.


Enable Breadcrumbs. Through Gutenberg Block, Shortcode, Widget or PHP Code.
Various Breadcrumb Settings.
Breadcrumb Templates (Pro).

RSS Content

RSS Content Settings. Preview. RSS Before Content. RSS After Content.

Access Control

Pro settings. Not able to see what the settings as these are blurred.

Advanced Settings

TruSEO Score & Content
Headline Analyzer
Post Type Columns
Taxonomy Columns (Pro)
Admin Bar Menu (Pro)
Dashboard Widgets (Pro)
Usage Tracking
Uninstall AIOSEO

Search Appearance

Global Settings

Title Separator, Home Page and Knowledge Graph – Person or Organization.

Content Types

Posts/Pages – Title & Description, Schema Markup (Pro), Custom Fields (Pro) and Advanced.


Title & Description and Advanced.

Image SEO

Attachments and Image SEO (Pro).


Author Archives, Date Archives and Search Page.


Global Robots Meta, Enable Sitelinks Search Box, No Pagination for Canonical URLs, Use Meta Keywords, Run Shortcodes, Paged Format and Crawl Cleanup.

Social Networks

Social Profiles

A list of various social profiles.





General Sitemap

Enable Sitemap, Preview, Enable Sitemap Indexes, Links Per Sitemap, Post Types, Taxonomies, Date Archive Sitemap, Author Sitemap + Additional Pages + Advanced Settings.

Video Sitemap (Pro)

News Sitemap (Pro)

HTML Sitemap

Enable Sitemap, Display HTML Sitemap + HTML Sitemap Settings + Advanced Settings.

RSS Sitemap

Enable Sitemap, Preview, Number of Posts and Post Types.

Link Assistant (Pro)

Redirects (Pro)

Local SEO (Pro)

SEO analysis

SEO Audit Checklist

Analyze Competitor Site

Headline Analyzer


Robots.txt Editor

.htaccess Editor


Database Tools

System Status

Feature Manager

Activate All Features (All the Pro features)

About Us

All in Oen SEO is brought to you by Awesome Motive. (Behind WPBeginner, OptionMonster, MonsterInsights and more.)

Upgrade to Pro

An Older video tutorial from 2 March 2012.

This article was originally published 1 March 2013. Updated 30 September 2015.

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