Plugins for the Genesis framework

A few Plugins for the Genesis Framework

An oldie Genesis Simple Comments Plugin  by Nick the Geek.

Genesis Simple Edits Plugin

The Settings page for Simple Edits. I am wondering if it will be added in some way directly into Genesis Framework Core Settings page….

Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin

An interesting plugin which has been downloaded many times to where one can see the different areas (hooks) of a Genesis theme to where one can add various information. But instead of using this plugin one might as well just place the information directly into the child theme functions.php file.

Genesis Content Blurbs plugin 

The plugin adds a new widget area to where one can add a title, blurb text, image URL and Blurb URL.
There are also two layout options.

Hmm the Blurbs plugin requires the LlamaPress Common Styles plugin. I dismissed the notice and will see if it comes back again…. The notice came back again.

I am actually browsing through the search results for WordPress Genesis on Github going by update date.

The plugin (actually a snippet you need to add to your child theme functions.php file and other files you will need to add to the root) will take your featured image and add it as a parallax image effect on the top of the post page. Kinda interesting.

Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

There are a lot of slider plugins out there and this one is made especially for Genesis themes.

Genesis Simple Menus Plugin

An easy to use drop down (to the right of the content area) to where one can select which menu to use per page or post.

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