Using Poedit 2 Pro to translate a WordPress plugin or theme

I have earlier used Poedit 1 and recently upgraded to version 2 Pro. Poedit will suggest translations for each phrase. I will use the plugin All in One SEO as an example. I help translate the plugin into Norwegian.

The translation plugin page for All in One SEO.
Select a project for instance Development (trunk).

At the bottom of the “Translation of Development (trunk)” page you will see the options for Import Translations  Export and then drop downs showing the default “all current” as “Portable Object Message Catalog (.po/.pot)”.

I left it at default and clicked the Export link to download a po/pot translation file.

Open Poedit 2 Pro
Click the first option. Edit a Translation.

Poedit 2 Pro Translate WordPress
Poedit 2 Pro Translate WordPress

It will open a browse for file dialog box. Locate the po file you downloaded.
The file opens and one will see the English (US) words on the left and suggested language translation on the right. Look at the options and click the one you feel is closest, adjust it as needed or write a new translation.

Poedit 2 Pro translation screen
Poedit 2 Pro translation screen

When you have finished save the file and import it back into the same page you downloaded it from. The phrases you translated will now be added to the translation page for the plugin your working on.

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